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Happy Thanksgiving Fans!


It the spirit of the Holiday Session! A little extra gift to all my loyal fans. Below is a glimpse into Book 2-Jaden’s Choice. It is the first draft and unedited! :



England, December 1336 AD.

Winter storm with icy rain, brisk wind and quickly falling snow!

"Master the men are ready!" I said the brisk wind tossing my red hair. 

Behind me, the horses pawed the ground impatiently and soldiers fidgeted in their armor. 

A short black haired woman in leather armor starred out onto the field, which would soon be the final resting place of many, both mortal and immortal. Her lips a thin line, eyes dissent.

"Send the single to the men in the eastern woods to attack." She ordered.

I bowed turned and waved my hand at the short male archer. He released a black silver tipped arrow into the starless night. It whistled as it made its way through the air and imbedded into a tree trunk twenty feet from the archer. An Erie silence filled the night, and then suddenly the sound of screaming and metal striking metal reached us.

"Master should I send the second wave?" I asked as we stood watching The Gypsy Hunters over taken our forces.

The woman shook her head, "Wait!"

I griped my sword sheath in my head nervously, as long seconds ticked by. In the distance, a loud horn call went out and a cloud of dust formed on the horizon.

"Ivy!" I exclaimed.

"Wait!" The woman replied.

"But, our men!" I protested.

She turned on her heels to face me, "Bring the horses forward and tell the men to mount up." She ordered.

I bowed, "yes, master!"

I turned towards the men and quickly relayed her orders; they immediately did as they were told. I took the rains of Ivy and my horses and lead them over to her. 

She mounted her horse and I follow suit, "When our horses reach half way between this spot and village signal the rest of the men to attack."

I gave her a worried look, "Do as I say, Jaden!" Ivy said giving me a reassuring smile.

"As you wish it master." I replied bowing slightly in my saddle.

I watched her lead half our men towards the battle, which took place quarter mile from where I stood.

It felt like it took forever for Ivy's horse to reach the half way mark. When she did I singled the men to attack. My horse charging out of the tree line at full speed. We descended upon them in waves, chaos and death erupted around me.

  I stood amidst the burning village and corpses, "Gather up the remaining villagers, nail them into their houses and burn them." Ivy ordered her voice flat and unfeeling.

I spun on my heels facing her my eyes wide, "What!" I shrieked.

"You heard me!" She replied coldly.

"Ivy!" I said taking her forearm.

She broke my hold on her, "Do as I say!"

I stared at her unmoving for a long moment, then bowed and relayed her orders to the soldiers. They had a similar reaction to the order but did not question me.

  The gut wrenching screams of humans burning alive and sickening stench of burning flesh filled the night.

"This is the last house." A long beard man with blood red eyes informed me, as I frowned in disgust. 

I had signed up to protect our way of life. To kill the Gypsy Hunters in service to my people, killing woman and children was not who I was or what I wanted to be. The whole affair left a sower taste in my mouth. 

"Burn it!" I said discussed with myself. 

"Please, my baby!" A woman screamed, trying to force the infant through the tiny space between the wood boards. 

I turned away unable to stomach anymore of the atrocities. I focused on the sound of the nearby ocean waves as they hit against the cliffs. Snow began to fall and a icy northern wind tore at my cloak, as I scanned the meadow, A young boys green eyes wide with terror found mine. His small hands gripping a strung bow. I watched as the tears fell across his cheeks and froze in the winter’s icy air.

"Jaden?" A distended voice called to me.

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