Dear Friends, Family and Fans,


   Thank you for your interest in Jaden's Journey, what I hope to be an inspired series. I know that this series will not be everyone’s “cup of blood”, but I’m happy that you have chosen to give my books a try. To my loyal friends, fan, and family: I could not have done this without your constant support and listening to my endless ranting. (I must have drove you all crazy!)


   I have truly enjoyed working on this project. Along the way, I have had the great honor to work with some true artistic professionals. I hope to continue to work with them through this series and on future projects.


  • Artist Lin Li Hsiang: The cover art he made was truly inspired. He is an amazing artist, professional, and easy to work with. Thank you for everything!

  • Jennifer Rich: Has worked tirelessly with me for many weeks to finish the finial-polished document. She helped me with everything from editing to formatting. She is very professional, fast, and reliable. Thank you my friend!


   I would love to hear your thought my books and any suggestions you might have for future books. Comments whether good or bad are a vital part to the growth of a writer.

   Thank you again! I look forward to reading your reviews and hope to continue to fill your imagination for many years to come.


Melanie Jackson

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