Jaden's Heart
By: Melanie Jackson
Jaden struggles with her duties to her people and navigating a new romance, in the midst of the return of an old flame.
Jaden's Heart explores the aftermath of abandonment, slavery, rape, and betrayal. A tale that fuses ancient Egypt and Europe with contemporary lore and mythology.

"LGBT Fiction" Finalist in the 2016 IAN Book of the Year Awards.

Back of the Book:
Deserted, lonely, and disconnected from humanity...
Attempting to hide from the binding chains of responsibility to her human facade, Jaden wanders the alleyways of Los Angeles, feeding on the city's homeless. Within these backstreets, she never expected to find her heart. Alexis, a homeless teen running from a painful past, captivates her.
Love blossoms and passions ignite.
However, nine centuries after she disappeared, Jaden's former lover and creator reemerges, bringing grave news. The assassination of an Immortal Council member forces Jaden to leave Alexis in L.A. to attend a summit in France. Here, she must fight temptation and lust as unknown assassins lurk in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Sparkles with the true-to-life feeling of falling in love.


Jaden's Heart is a page-turning lesbian romance that sparkles with the true-to-life feeling of falling in love. However, it explores much more than passion between an Immortal woman and a homeless human girl in the urbanized 21st century. Duty divides Jaden’s time between healing her emotional wounds and defending the heroes of a civil war fought long ago. The gut-wrenching story explores the aftermath of abandonment, rape, and betrayal. Using the history of our world as a backdrop, Jackson has weaved a remarkable tale that fuses ancient Egypt and Europe with contemporary lore to create a new world that’s easy to get lost in. Filled with characters you’ll root for as well as love to hate, contrasting settings of grandeur and poverty, and titillating sexual encounters, Jaden’s Heart is well worth the read. - Co-editor & Interior Designer, Jennifer Rich -- December 19, 2015


Follow your heart...


Thank you for writing this book. I look forward to the books to follow.
I enjoyed the book in its entirety, including the cover artwork.


I haven't read an Immortal book in a while. It may have been over a decade or two ago.
This is a beautiful book. It opens the mind and heart. It stirs up imagination and realities.
The term humanity isn't exclusive to humans. It can be used for other species as well, in their own name, because they care about their essence and culture also...
This book talks of humanity, immortality, the friendship of animals, and demons (of the Immortals and within oneself).
Thank you for giving me the pleasure and privilege of reading this book.
I hope I can create fulfilling work as you do someday, but for now I have the honor of review.

Thank you,

January 17, 2016 By Joanna


Choosing Between Heart and Duty,

A LGB vampire romance set in the near future but with its origins centuries ago, this is a tightly written and entertaining novel. Jaden is the leading vampire-- or should we say Immortal since the v-word is verboten, or at least frowned upon-- and she falls for a human 17 year old girl, breaking all Immortal rules in the pursuit of her love and thus getting into trouble just as dark clouds are gathering everywhere. Jaden is forced into a terrible decision that could ultimately break her, her love, or her world. The plot holds together well and the action moves at a good clip. Beyond the obvious blood feeding aspects, the interactions between Immmortals and humans are well thought out, and the reader is kept guessing and discovering throughout. May 15, 2016 By: Guillaume Boisset


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