Melanie Jackson currently lives in Littleton, NH with her husband, Corey and cat Salem. They are expecting a new addition in November. She was born with a rare medical condition called FFU (Femur, Fibula, Ulna Dysplasia) and has dyslexia. Despite, struggling with reading and writing her whole life she has always loved stories.



Melanie was raised by her single mother who homeschooled her and her six siblings. When she was 13 years old Melanie started writing small stories and making up ever expanding worlds to entertain her younger siblings. She always knew she wanted to be a writer and create fantastic new adventures.​


In 2007 she moved to Bangor, ME where she attended Job Corps and met her now husband Corey. Melanie graduated, as an LNA in 2008. Three years later she married Corey and in 2015 they moved to Littleton, NH.


As most writers Melanie struggled to find a story worth writing and publishing. Shortly after her move to Littleton inspiration came to her in a dream and so Jaden and Alexis were born. Slowly, she began to write other things including poems, quotes, and short stories.


Adult Books:

Book 1: Jaden's Heart

Book 2: Alexis's Memories

Book 3: Jaden's Choice (coming soon)


Children's Books:

My Perfect Family (coming August, 4th 2018)

"Life is not easy. But with a big imagination and a good book, you can escape anything. Never give up and never stop reading." - Melanie Jackson

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